Dog & Cat Microchipping

A permanent chip that helps reunite pet owners with their lost cat or dog.

It may be impossible to anticipate your pet running through a fence that was mistakenly left open or breaking away from their leash. But it's important to think of the worst-case scenarios when it comes to their safety. Microchips are your best option for peace of mind when it comes to this particular topic by providing permanent pet identification. Though they do not act like a real-time tracking device, microchips provide your contact information when scanned at a veterinary office or shelter.

Is my personal information safe on a microchip?

Microchips act as radio transmitters, emitting a signal when scanned by a handheld transponder. These handheld devices are typically available at veterinary practices, shelters or humane societies. When a lost pet is brought in, the first thing we do is check for contact information on their tags. If the inscription is unclear or has worn away over time, our next step is to scan for a microchip. If your pet has had one implanted, the chip will transmit a serial number registered with a pet recovery database. If your up-to-date contact information is embedded, we're able to reunite you and your pet.

Will my pet need surgery for their implantation?

Microchips can be implanted during a routine veterinary visit, so your pet won't need to be sedated or under general anesthesia. However, we can schedule the implantation so it coincides with an upcoming procedure your pet could have, like surgery. During the procedure, we firmly hold the loose skin on your pet's neck. We use a needle to place the microchip, giving your pet a lifetime of protection in a few moments. Since microchips don't require an external battery, no upkeep or maintenance is necessary after it's implanted. You can have the chip scanned periodically to ensure it's working as it should.

Is the implantation process painful?

Implantation is usually a pain-free process. A microchip resembles a grain of rice, making the implantation process seamless. Your pet may feel a momentary pinch, which is a similar sensation they feel when getting a vaccine. If you're interested in booking your pet's microchipping appointment, please contact us at 604-522-3344.

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