Euthanasia Services for Cats & Dogs

Providing support and compassionate care during a difficult time.

Nothing can make the decision to euthanize your pet less difficult or agonizing. Whether your pet has suffered from a chronic illness for a long time or they've recently received a terminal diagnosis, our veterinary team extends our hearts to you. Our team will work with your family to ensure you are supported throughout this process.

What should I consider when exploring euthanasia?

One major thing to consider is how your pet's quality of life is impacted by their health. Pets who have a good quality of life tend to have more good days than bad in a row and have a good temperament. They're likely able to engage in everyday activities with little assistance and do not experience debilitating pain. We understand that the thought of losing your pet can be difficult to process. Whether planned or expected, grief is never easy to navigate. We will support you throughout the decision-making process by exploring the best possible options for your pet.

What happens during my pet's final moments?

We thank you for trusting us with your pet's final moments. Before your pet is euthanized, we ensure you and your family have had ample time to say your goodbyes. You can opt to be present for the procedure or savour a few moments with your pet before their appointment. During the procedure, we administer a sedative, which helps put your pet at ease. Once they are relaxed, we inject them with a fast-acting medication that peacefully ends their life. The euthanasia medication stops their heart and lungs, at which point your pet has transitioned. Even if your pet is twitching or moving, it's their body's automatic response rather than a sign of their experiencing pain. Please contact our office to discuss scheduling at 604-522-3344. We will try our best to accommodate your schedule and needs.

Can my pet have the procedure at home?

We offer peaceful home euthanasia for existing clients to provide the most comfortable end-of-life care for our patients. Being in a familiar environment could put your pet at ease, allowing them to transition in a safe space surrounded by loved ones. The areas we can travel to include:

  • Surrey
  • Burnaby
  • New Westminster
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